Why do my spices clump?

Keep all spices in a cool dry place. Tip shake your spices since they can settle. Also after cooking with them since moisture can invade when shaking the spices over a hot stove. Due know our spices are all-natural, we do not add  anti-caking agents. You can add raw rice to remedy this; however remember not to shake on food or pick any rice out.

Can I use your spices on Keto or Vegan Diet?

Yes absolutely! Our spices are all-natural and sugar-free and safe for all cooking styles. No animal products or dairy are used.

How spicy are your seasonings?

Dr. Flava created her spices with kids in mind, since she has small children. A few of our spices have cayenne but the heat level is mild, less than a store bought hot sauce. Even the Spicy Cajun Twist in relatively mild-hot, no running noses, burning lips or big gulps of milk needed. We wanted you to enjoy the Flavas.

How long does my order take?

Each order is made with love and can take up to 3 business days before shipping. Some cases orders are shipped within 48 to 72 hours.


How to store your spices?

Please store in a cool dry place and best if used by date printed on the bottle. Be mindful of leaving bottles opened while cooking or close to the stove.


Can I mix and match?

Absolutely you can build your own or try any of our sets and discover your next favorite blend!


Can I combine coupons code with other discounts?

All promotions given or online cannot be combined with other deals or promotions.


How much is the Shipping Cost?

We use priority shipping for all order via USPS and the cost is flat rate and based on current USPS pricing.


Do you have Commercial/Industrial/Restaurant sizes?

YES WE DO!!! We make to order for all our Restaurants, Caterers, schools, businesses and government institution clients. Please contact us for Rates. ask@drflavaspices.com Subject line: Bulk Inquiry


Do you offer cooking classes for individuals & or groups??

YES, we love teaching our clients how to prepare quick delicious meals with our spices for themselves, friends and family. *Inquire about our vegan, vegetarians, non-cooks, newlyweds, single men and women for that go to knock-em-out date night dinner, parties and groups. ask@drflavaspices.com Subject line: Cooking Class