My Passion is to have more families enjoy dinner together over good, flava'ful food!
Food is an essential part of our lives; it should taste AMAZING!

Better Flava, Better Food

Cooking has always come natural to me and everyone seems to really love my food! So much so, that when I started a catering company, the demand was more than my schedule would allow. Hence, DR Flava SPICES was born. I quickly realized that the real issue was not that people did not know how to prepare food themselves, they just did not know quite how to make it ‘flava-ful’! Thus, DR Flava SPICES is the answer- taking the thinking out of cooking.
Back in college, I was known to take canned food, boxed food, even cafeteria food, and whip up something amazing! How did I get this talent? I grew up watching my grandmother and mother cook, but always put my own twist on dishes, which created a different outcome than theirs. I soon realized food just requires the right flava and technique!
My goal is to help families come back to the dinner table over amazing, delicious food! So many people eat out and make bad choices because they are clueless how to make their food taste yummy. Also, often intimidated by recipes that require several ingredients for that one meal. I suffered from the cluttered cabinet, thousand spice syndrome, so I created a blend of spices so essentially I only have to use ONE seasoning along with other fresh veggies for FLAVA.
DR Flava SPICES will save time in the kitchen, reduce waste and cost of unnecessary seasonings in your cabinet. Food is an essential part of our lives. We should enjoy our food.